8720 Georgia Avenue; Suite 205
Silver Spring, MD 20910


Talibah E. Buchanan, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

I offer psychotherapy and psychological assessment services for individuals, couples and families.


As a therapist, I work collaboratively with you as you take the journey towards increased mental health and life satisfaction. I believe that with a trusting client-therapist relationship anything is possible. I have trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities for use with different populations.  I utilize a range of techniques, from different schools of thought, to help you identify goals, explore obstacles, and develop skills. With non-judgmental compassion, I have seen clients develop a strong sense of self and a belief in the possibility of change. I have delighted in watching people transform their lives and find a place of happiness, and acceptance.

As an evaluator, I provide comprehensive psychological and psycho-educational assessments for children, adolescents, and adults. I also serve as a consultant and assist with the implementation of testing recommendations. I attend school and treatment planning meetings (including IEP and disability determination meetings). I am passionate about supporting you (or your child) as you strive to reach your full potential. I believe in using a strength-based testing approach to help you find you personal strengths and weakness in order to identify the practical tools you will need to achieve your goals.


If you are interested in talking more about the services I provide, or in setting up an appointment please call or email me.